Wild Shot 2pc Butt Stock Ammo Holders for Shotgun and Rifle

Made from heavy weight elastic that fits snugly around the stock of your rifle and shotgun. The shotgun holder accomodates 5 shells, while the rifle holder accomodates 9 rounds. These ammo holders will not interfere with holding or aiming the gun. Don't miss a shot fumbling around in your pockets for a cartridge when you can have several of them at the ready. Great for the outdoorsman who enjoys being prepared and organized.


  • Shotgun holder accomodates 5 shells
  • Rifle holder accomodates 9 rounds
  • Elastic loops
  • Fits most
  • Installs in seconds
UPC Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs)
841659106244 5.87 3.15 0.39 0.17