Maxam Small Faux Book Safe, A Fun Way to Hide and Protect Your Valuables
  • HIDE YOUR TREASURES IN A BOOK: This faux book blends in with the real books on your shelf. The brown Kraft box is designed to look like a real book, hiding your treasures within the secret compartment.
  • NO COMBINATION REQUIRED: This creatively designed box hides small valuables, cash or anything small keepsakes you wish to keep safe. there's no need for keys or combinations - a magnetic closure makes it as easy as opening and closing a book.
  • GOLD-TONE PAGES: Our book safe features an attractive cover combined with the appearance of gilded pages, just like many classic leather-bound gilded books, so it blends seamlessly with other volumes on the bookshelf.
  • FAUX LEATHER TOOLING: The front and back covers are designed to appear as if they are leather tooled, following the tradition of leather tooling for classic literature, completing the camouflaged appearance.
  • GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES: The faux book safe exterior measures 5-1/8" x 8-3/8" x 2"
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The Small Faux Book Safe is a fun way to keep your valuables hidden from prying eyes. Open this seemingly normal book and you'll find a hidden compartment measuring 4" by 7" and 1-5/8" deep, perfect for storing jewelry, cash or other small valuables. The magnetic closure keeps the book securely closed preventing accidental opening but allows access without a combination or key. This faux book is a sturdy brown Kraft box designed to look like a tooled leather-bound book with gilded pages and measures 5-1/8" by 8-3/38" by 2". It blends in on the book shelf nestled amongst your real books while keeping the items you want to hide camouflaged by literature. It also looks great on a bedside table or as a conversation piece on a coffee table.
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