Maxam Faux Book Safe for Hiding and Protecting Valuables or Keeping them Secret, Set of 2
  • HIDE YOUR VALUABLES: These attractive books are not books at all! Created to mimic the look of classic books, with faux leather tooled covers and gilded page edges they are designed to blend into library bookshelves. But they have a secret inside.
  • KRAFT BOXES: These faux book safes are actually kraft boxes that are hollow inside. Open the cover with magnetic closure and you'll find an empty space designed for hiding your jewelry, cash or anything you wish to keep from prying eyes.
  • VERSATILITY: Use them as attractive storage anywhere you need them. When not hiding on a bookshelf, they can be used on a desk for holding writing and office supplies. Place them on a dresser to store loose change, wallet or keepsakes.
  • FAUX SAFE: The small book measures 4-inch x 7-inch x 1-5/8-inch inside, the exterior measures 5-1/8-inch x 8-3/8-inch x 2-inch. The large book measures 6-inch x 9-3/8-inch x 2-3/8-inside, the exterior measures 7-inch x 10-3/4-inches x 2-3/4-inches
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: These Faux Book Safes make an excellent gift for anyone that enjoys decorative storage boxes. Great for anyone who has a home library or bookshelf. Perfect for birthdays, holidays and special occasions.
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Keep your precious items secure and safe with these Faux Book Safes. These attractive boxes are designed to look like classic leather bound books that would look perfectly normal on any bookshelf. But they are not books at all! These discrete brown kraft boxes feature an intricately designed exterior or cover that gives the appearance of a classic antique book. The page edges are imitation gold tone which mimics the gilded pages common on classic leather-bound tombs. These design features are put together with magnetic closures to create a perfect disguise, right on your bookshelf. These faux safes do not replace a real safe, but they are very effective hiding places for many of your valuables. They can also be used as simple but decorative storage boxes. Place one on your dresser for keepsakes, loose change, jewelry, and other items, or place one on your desk to hold pens, pencils, paperclips or knickknacks. The small Book has a 4-inch x 7-inch x 1-5/8-inch Inner compartment, The exterior measures 5-1/8-inch x 8-3/8-inch x 2-inch. The large Book has a 6-inch x 9-3/8-inch x 2-3/8-inch inner compartment, the exterior measures 7-inch x 10-3/4-inches x 2-3/4-inches. This is a 2-piece set.
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