Maxam Fillet Knife with Sheath, 6.5" stainless steel blade
  • AN AFFORDABLY DEPENDABLE FILLET KNIFE: Maxam's Fillet Knife & Sheath is a durably-crafted precision fisherman's cutting tool that helps you deftly slice, trim and skin an entire day's catch with remarkable speed, efficiency and safety.
  • LONG-LASTING CORROSION-RESISTANT BLADE: Featuring a genuine AISI surgical stainless-steel blade that measures 6.5 inches long, the full length of our powerful fillet knife spans a total of 12.25 inches from handle's end to blade tip.
  • RELIABLE FILLET KNIFE CONSTRUCTION: Engineered with a high-pressure laminated wood handle and secure brass rivets, our rugged fillet knife has a nice amount of heft to it and feels remarkably comfortable in either hand.
  • SWASHBUCKLING SHEATHING PROTECTION: Utilizing a protective nylon sheath that easily attaches to belt loops, our innovatively-designed precision fillet knife can even be safely secured against your hip for fast, easy, thoroughly safe access.
  • CUTTING-EDGE ADVENTURE GEAR: Maxam creates high-powered multiuse sporting knives, reliable survival tools and dynamic kitchen utensils that are dependable, low-cost, and help you tackle any of life's challenges head-on.
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Maxam's Fillet Knife and Sheath is an affordable sporting/outdoorsman styled fisherman's knife that rapidly delivers precise fillet cutting perfection anywhere life takes you. Featuring a 6.5" stainless steel blade, high pressure laminated wood handle and a protective nylon sheath, our robust fillet knife has been specifically engineered for reliably fast and easy fish cutting action. Perfect for slicing open and tearin' through salmon, trout, tuna and just about anything else you can hook on your line and reel.
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