Wild Shot Butt Stock Ammo Holders for Shotgun and Rifle, Makes Reloading Faster and Convenient, 2-peice
  • FASTER RELOADING: Whether hunting or shooting for practice, it's nice to be able to reload as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Wild Shot Butt Stock Ammo Holders helps achieve that goal. No fumbling around in pockets to find that round.
  • KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE: By having your shells and rounds ready on the stock of your rifle or shotgun, you can reload safely while keeping your eye on that buck or duck. You know exactly where the next round is and how it's positioned.
  • PLENTY OF AMMO WHEN YOU NEED IT: The Wild Shot Butt Stock Ammo Holder for rifles holds 9 rounds at the ready, while the shotgun version holds 5 shells. Plenty of ammo when you need it and it's quick and easy to fill them back up.
  • NO INTERFERENCE: These ammo holders easily fit on the butt of your rifle or shotgun and are positioned so there will be no interference while holding, aiming, or shooting your weapon. The Wild Shot Butt Stock Ammo Holders install in seconds.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: The Wild Shot Butt Stock Ammo Holders make a great gift for the shooters in your life. Whether they like to target practice, hunt or shoot for sport, they will love and appreciate this two-piece set.
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The Wild Shot Butt Stock Ammo Holder makes reloading faster and convenient. It is made from heavy weight elastic that fits snugly around the stock of your rifle and shotgun. The shotgun holder accommodates 5 shells, while the rifle holder accommodates 9 rounds. These ammo holders will not interfere with holding or aiming the gun. Don't miss a shot fumbling around in your pockets for a cartridge when you can have several of them at the ready. Great for the outdoorsman who enjoys being prepared and organized.
UPC Count Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs)
841659106244 1 5.87 3.15 0.39 0.17
841659108064 100 18.50 16.54 8.25 16.50
841659106251 200 18.50 16.54 16.54 33.07
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