Slitzer Germany 4-Piece Paring Knife Set, German Stainless Steel Blades, Colored Handles, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange
  • 4 KNIVES ARE BETTER THAN 1 - Our paring knife set includes 4 3.5" paring knifes so you always have one handy.
  • SHARP & PRECISE CUTS - Make food preparation easier with paring knives that do the job. With our razor-sharp blades, you'll be able to cut fruits, veggies, or small meats with precision.
  • STRONG STAINLESS STEEL - Made of reliable German stainless steel and built to last, the blades of our kitchen knife set will cut food effortlessly, with only minimal force on your part.
  • POINTED & EASY TO MANEUVER - Easily control our knives with their pointed blades that allow for tight and targeted coring or paring. Peeling that fruit or deveining that shrimp will be a breeze.
  • A RELIABLE NON-SLIP GRIP - With ergonomically shaped hilts, you'll have a strong grip of the knives while doing food prep. Avoid accidents in the kitchen with knife handles that won't slip.
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Slitzer Germany® 4pc Paring Knife Set. Set Includes: 4pcs - 3.5" Paring Knife Orange, Yellow, Green, Red. Features: Sanitary PP Handles, German Stainless Steel Blades Limited Lifetime Warranty - Bulk Packed
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