Maxam Texas Lone Star State Flag, 3' X 5'
  • RESPECTFUL STATE FLAG PRESENTATION: Maxam's Texas Lone Star State Flag gives you the esteemed ability to showcase all of your Lone Star pride, respect, and admiration for the 28th state of the United States of America.
  • SPACIOUS STATE FLAG DIMENSIONS: Measuring 5 feet long by 3 feet wide and utilizing 2 metal grommets, our high-quality Texas state flag can be secured in place virtually anywhere your prideful heart desires.
  • VIBRANTLY COLORFUL LOAN STAR REPRESENTATION: Created out of 100% high-density polyester material with brilliant 100 Denier printing, our long-lasting Texas state flag is designed to give you years of dependably reliable use
  • MAJESTICALLY FLOWING STATE FLAG BEAUTY: Manufactured to withstand the elements by remaining bright and colorful over time, our durable Texas state flag looks beautifully respectable while blowing in the wind wherever you pridefully mount it.
  • DECORATIVELY PATRIOTIC REPLICAS: Maxam is an American state flag production company that creates patriotically decorative ornamentation that lets you display all of your dignified admiration for your home state with genuine representations.
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Maxam's Texas State Flag is a genuine Lone Star banner replica that showcases your unwavering respect and esteemed admiration for the great state of Texas. Vibrantly showcasing a solitary bright white star set against a blazing blue bar and powerful rows of a radiant red and a gleaming eye-catching white, our dazzling Texas state flag was created to give you years of reliable use. Spanning a majestic 15 total square feet and made with 100% high-density polyester fabric, this powerful Texas state flag will stand-up to however harsh the elements of your environment may be. Perfect for hoisting up flagpoles, mounting horizontally or vertically against walls, displaying in windows and/or hung from rafters, Maxam's Texas State Flag lets you celebrate all of the pride you and your family have for "The Lone Star State" however you see fit.
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