Wyndham House Fruit Infusion Pitcher, 60 Ounce, With Freezer Gel Base
  • NUTRITIOUSLY HEALTHY INSPIRATION: Wyndham House's 60 ounce Fruit Infusion Pitcher is a crystal-clear carafe that keeps your favorite thirst-quenchingly refreshing beverages at a perfectly-chilled temperature right at your fingertips.
  • CONTINUOUS COOLING REFRESHMENT: Featuring an ingeniously-designed sturdy freezer gel base, durable Tritan body and a slim fruit-infuser tube, our stylishly innovative infusion pitcher helps you stay hydrated and nourished throughout the whole day.
  • ELEGANTLY SLEEK DRINKING VESSEL DESIGN: Utilizing a beautiful, practical and efficient layout, our affordable fruit infusion pitcher easily stores in your refrigerator and once properly packed is small, handy and sturdy enough to travel with.
  • NATURALLY WONDROUS FLAVORS: Effortlessly blending the nutritiously delicious taste of your favorite sweet fruits, tart citrus and piquant spices, our charming infusion pitcher stimulates your taste buds and motivates you to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • CHARMING KITCHEN TOOL AND AFFORDABLE ACCESSORIES: Wyndham House designs dynamic kitchen tools and useful houseware accessories that are economically-efficient and help you create and maintain the lifestyle of your dreams.
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Wyndham House's 60-ounce Fruit Infusion Pitcher is a multiuse fruit-infuser water bottle that transforms plain water into any deliciously healthy beverage you can imagine. Helping to naturally draw vitamins, minerals and antioxidants out of your favorite fruits, our innovative infusion pitcher makes refreshing lemonade, zesty raspberry iced-tea and virtually any array of health-enhancing beverages you've ever felt like trying right in the comfort of your own kitchen.
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