Machete and Boot Knife Combo with Sheaths, 18 Inch
  • 18 INCH MACHETE BLADE: The Mossberg machete combo kit features a full-size, 18 inch black steel blade made from durable steel construction. and a hand guard with a non-slip durable handle - long enough to take care of tough challenges.
  • MULTIPURPOSE BUSH AND FARM: This is a broad blade used either as an implement like an axe for chopping brush or as as blade for personal protection. Perfect for use in deep forest, jungle, farm, or any other tough excursion you might find yourself on.
  • ADDITIONAL BOOT KNIFE: Also features a boot knife for that extra layer of protection and utility in extreme conditions or if the machete is out of reach. Features its own sheath.
  • FULL PORTABILITY: Each knife comes with its own sheath so it can be held on the body for ease-of-use and portability in the bush or deep forest. Makes traveling and storing the blades easy and safe.
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The Mossberg Black Steel 18" machete has a hand guard with a non-slip durable handle. Great to use in any environment from the forest to the farm. Even better, it comes with a boot knife for extra convenience. You will always be prepared for whatever the job entails. Each has its own sheath for storage, safety, and portability. Machetes are traditionally used for hacking and clearing brush or vegetation in densely forested regions, but can also be used as a personal protection device or standard blade. The boot knife can be accessed quickly and efficiently when the machete is out of reach.
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